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3 Axis Professional CNC Stepping Driver TB6600 Box Set, LCD Display, Keypad 5A

3 Axis Professional CNC Stepping Driver TB6600 Box Set, LCD Display, Keypad 5A


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3 Axis Professional CNC Stepping Driver TB6600 Box Set, LCD Display, Keypad 5A

Quick Overview

High performance, cost-effective

Manual motor control via control panel; support tool-settings on X, Y, Z axis without computer

Automatic identification and intelligent switch between computer and control panel

Synchronous coordinates display on computer and display panel, up to 3 axis (X, Y, Z axis)

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I. About the 3rd Generation TB6600HG Stepper Controller
This TB6600HG Stepper Controller has all the functions of TB6560AHQ Stepper Controller, and is specially developed for stepper motors with higher currents. All the 2 or 4 phase Nema17, Nema23, Nema24 stepper motors with current range of 0.2A~5.0A work perfectly with this TB6600HG Stepper Driver. It has standard version and professional version to meet different user needs.

II. Two Unique Functions of Professional Version
Automatic G-code recording function
With the embedded intelligent memory chip, this stepper driver can easily record MAXIMUM 3 Axis' (X,Y,Z Axis) G-code running in the CNC software (e.g. Mach3, EMC2, KCAM4, etc.) on the computer, after which you can run motors using the recorded G-code without computer.
Manual G-code programing function
The upgraded built-in manual control tools (display panel and control panel) can not only be used for manual motor control, but also manual G-code programming. Manually programmed G-code will be recorded onto the embedded intelligent memory chip, after which you can easily run motors with recorded G-code. This function is widely applied in RBI machine, Conveyor etc.
This package is 3 Axis Professional Version (TB3H-CD-P (Box));

High performance, cost-effective;
Manual motor control via control panel; support tool-settings on X, Y, Z axis without computer;
Automatic identification and intelligent switch between computer and control panel;
Synchronous coordinates display on computer and display panel, up to 3 axis (X, Y, Z axis);
Real-time tracking of motor moving path;
Automatic G-code recording for motor control;
Manual G-code programming for motor control without computer;
1, 2, 4 (new mode), 8, 16 adjustable microstep control for more accurate and smoother motor running;
Two-stage signal processing, smooth signal transmission;
Automatic idle-current reduction, powerful anti-jamming capability;
Overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, overheat protection;
5 types of input control on manual control interface, to set Limit, Estop, Midpoint-Setting, Cutter-presetting/Tool-Setting etc.
Four types of output current adjustable;
With 0-10V PWM signal output port for speed adjustment and one relay control port;
Aluminum & high intensity PVC Box Design for better cooling effect and item protection;
Compatibility with Mach2, Mach3(Recommended Software), Linux CNC (EMC2), KCAM4 CNC Software, etc.
Suitable for 2 or 4 phase stepper motors with 0.2A~5.0A rated current

For processing various pattern mould.
For designing of brand, architecture mould, badge, nameplate, display boards, doorplate, furniture decoration in advertising industry.
For carving portrait, scenery, handwriting, sealing, etc.
Suitable for any small-and-medium automatic equipments with CNC controller, such as X-Y-Z tables, labeling machines, laser cutters, engraving machines, and pick-place devices.

Power Supply Selection Voltage Selection:
12-24V DC power supply for Nema 17 stepper motors
24-36V DC power supply for Nema 23/24 stepper motors
36-45V DC power supply for Nema 34 stepper motor

(High (≥ 45V) voltage will burn out the chips or stepper motors!!! Please be careful in choosing power supply.)

Current Selection:
Output current of the power supply can be calculated by the following formula:
Output current = Rated current of your stepper motors x quantity + 2A

(For example, for driving 3 x 2A Nema 23 stepper motors, theoretically 24V 8A DC power supply is recommended, but higher power such as 24V 10A/15A will also be good. If you are not sure about the selection of power supply, please feel free to contact us.)
Please SHUT DOWN the power before you plug or unplug the connectors to avoid burning up the board.

What's Included?
1 x 4 Axis TB6600 Stepper Controller Box
1 x LPT Parallel Cable
1 x CD

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